The Fastest Way To Enhance Loan Eligibility

Only a few people are eligible to become co-borrowers to a home loan and claim the tax benefits on such a loan, provided other conditions are also fulfilled
With the prices of houses rising significantly faster than salaries, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to buy a house on their own. Consequently, most people now opt for home loans. To enhance the loan eligibility, once can opt for a loan with the longest available tenure or, additionally, get someone to join you as a co-borrower.
Persons who are generally accepted as co-borrowers
When it comes to adding a co-borrower to a home loan, lenders give first preference to the borrower’s spouse. It is presumed that the income of both individuals will be pooled for the purpose of household expenses, including for paying the home loan EMIs. The second category includes sons, daughters and parents. This is also considered as a relatively strong relationship, from a financial point of view. Please note that in case you add…

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers

In An Era Where Everything From Your Phone To Books Is A Smart Appliance, It Is Only Understandable That One Would Also Be Looking For A ‘Smart’ Home. What Exactly This Entails Is A Lengthy Narration, But Here Are A Few Appliances That We Think Could Essentially Make Your Life Much Simpler And More Comfortable.
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Smart Home Appliances For Home Buyers
1) A Smart Home Security System
With The Help Of Such A Device, You Can Keep Watch Over Your House And Your Kids’ Safety All The Time. You Can Get A 100 Percent Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera Equipped With Night Vision, To Give You Crystal-Clear High-Definition Video Around The Clock. In Most Cases, These Cameras Are The Size Of Your Fist, Are Weatherproof And Work Smoothly Even After Continuous Usage. Some Of These Home Automation Systems Use Cameras That Are Battery Operated, So You Can Set Up The Camera Wherever You Want To Without Worrying About Finding A Power Outlet Or The Hassle Of Inconvenient Power Cords. You C…

1 Bhk Flat Vs 2 Bhk Flat ? Which One to Choose.

1 BHK Flat Vs 2 BHK Flat ? Which One To Choose According To Your Family Size

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The Real Question
As The Urban Lifestyle And Pace Is Evolving Rapidly, Our Choices And The Approach

Towards Everyday Life Is Taking The Needful Curve. Though A Family Is Seen As One Unit, If Dissected, It’s A Fusion Of Individuals Of Different Age Groups Living Together. Individuals Who Need Their Space, Their Time But That Too By Staying Together In A Harmonious Space. Today’s Nuclear Family Is A Live Example Of Improved Functionality That Keeps Up With The Evolving Pace Of Life. The Question Of Choosing A 1 BHK Or 2 BHK Flat In Thane Can Leave Many Profusely Puzzled. So, Here’s An Overview For You To Decide.

1 BHK : A Beginning
1 BHK Flats Are Perfectly Sized For A Newly Married Couple. It Is Ideal For The Beginners As They Are Priced Low And Don’t Make You Stretch Your Budgets Profusely. If You Are Looking For An Investment, 1 BHK Is A Perfect Option For You Too. However, A Family Shou…

Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

How Can Home Owners Ensure That Their Homes Are Ready For The Rains And Ensure That It Does Not Cause Any Harm To The Safety And Beauty Of The Home? We Offer Some Suggestions

While The Arrival Of The Monsoon Season May Bring Relief To Many, After The Sweltering Heat Of Summer, It Is Also The Time To Prepare And Protect The Home. Leakages Not Only Damage The Look Of The Home But Can Also Spoil The Interiors, Including Furniture And Furnishing. Home Owners, Hence, Should Check For The Smallest Signs Of Damage And Take Prompt Action, To Ensure That The Problem Does Not Become Uncontrollable.

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Water-Proof Your Home
Water-Proofing Protects The Structure From Extreme Rainfall And Also Saves On Repair Cost And Hassle, In Terms Of Breakage And Weakening Of The The Structure.

Water Seepage And Dampness Can Also Pose Serious Health Hazards, As Dampness And Cracks Lead To The Growth Of Fungus, Moulds And Algae. Dampness Can Cause Home Owners To Develop Allergic Reactions, Ast…

Simple energy saving tips for home owners

We Look At How Home Owners Can Decrease The Energy Consumption In Their Homes Substantially, By Making A Few Simple Changes

With Climate Change Affecting People Across The Globe, Energy Conservation Is No More A Choice But A Must For All. As Buildings Are One Of The Largest Sources Of Energy Consumption, Conservation Should Start At Home, Through Behavioural Changes That Ensure That We Have Energy-Efficient Homes.

“Each Of Us Should Consciously Evolve Ways, To Avoid Wastage Of Scarce Resources Such As Water And Power, In Our Homes. The Problem With Urban Planning Today, Is That Building Structures Are Guzzlers Of Energy. Their Design Is Based On The Assumption Of Limitless Supply Of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation And Air-Conditioning) Resources. No Effort Is Being Made To Tap Renewable Energy, To Meet The Need For Power. There Is An Urgent Need To Revisit Climate-Sensitive Concepts Of Indigenous Architecture, To Design And Construct Multi-Storeyed Buildings, While Making Appropriate Use Of…

9 natural DIY tips to cool your home this summer

Electricity-Guzzling Air-Conditioners And Coolers, Are Not The Only Ways To Beat The Summer Heat. Try These Natural, Do-It-Yourself Tricks Instead
“ACs And Coolers Are Fine, But Nothing Evokes My Memories Of Childhood Summers Like A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’,” Says Gurugram-Based Businessman, Avinash Arora. Confused? Arora Spent His Summer Vacations In A Little Town Named Tundla In UP. North Indian Summers Are Infamous For Their Intense Heat, Which Can Even Prove Fatal. Very Few Things Can Help You Survive Such Weather And A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’ Is One Of Them, The Businessman Maintains.
A ‘Khus Ki Tatti’ Is A Wholly Natural Blind/ Curtain Mat That Is Made Of Reeds And Special Grass, Laid Out Neatly In A Box And Complete With Water Pipes For Drip Wetting. This Mat Is Laid Across Open Doorways And Windows And Helps Lower The Temperature Indoors.

Credit : Freepik.Com Here Are Several Other Simple Methods To Cool Your Home:

1.A Simple Trick Involves Using A Bucket Of Water.Dip The Bottom Hems Of Your Curtain…

Home insurance policy types and the cover they offer against natural and man-made disasters

When It Comes To Home Insurance, There Are Various Policies Available In The Market.  We ExamineThe Differences Between Them, To Help Owners To Gauge The Right Policy
Damage To Properties Due To Natural Disasters, Is One Of The Gravest Financial Setbacks That One May Come Across In Life. The Floods In Kerala In 2018, Caused Damage Worth Several Thousand Crores To Property And Made A Large Number Of People Homeless. “While Humans Cannot Avert Natural Calamities, One Can Certainly Protect Their Homes Against Them And Minimise The Loss Or Damage. Insurance Is The First Cover, On Most People’s List. However, Very Few People Take Home Insurance In India. Even Though It Is Affordable, Less Than One Per Cent Of People End Up Buying It,” SaysAmit Wadhwani, Managing Director, Sai Estate Consultant Chembur Private Limited.
Buying A Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy Will Ensure That A Home Buyer Can Be Safeguarded Against Financial Losses, If Any Event Occurs. The Policy Can Cover All Types Of Na…