Is 2019 The Best Time To Buy A House?

With Developers Looking To Offload Their Inventory And Offering Various Incentives, Can Home Buyers Expect A Good Deal In 2019? We Examine The Scenario Across Different Segments In Indian Real Estate

The Indian Real Estate Sector Has Witnessed Several Positive Developments Over The Past Few Years, With Schemes Like The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), The Granting Of Infrastructure Status To Affordable Housing, 100 Per Cent Tax Exemption On The Profits For Developers Building Affordable Homes, Implementation Of The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) And The Subsidy Schemes For First-Time Buyers Of Residential Properties. The Push Towards Infrastructure Development Also Makes It An Ideal Time To Invest In Real Estate, As The Prices In A Locality Often Increase, After The Completion Of An Infrastructure Project In Its Vicinity.

Mumbai’s Recent Development Plan, For Example, Will Enhance The Infrastructure In The City, Points Out Amit Ruparel, Managing Director,…

Year-End Trends: Technology To Be A Big Factor In Indian Real Estate In 2019

We Examine The Various Ways In Which Technological Advancements Are Likely To Positively Benefit The Various Stakeholders In The Real Estate Sector, In The Coming Year

Various Innovative Technologies Have Made Inroads Into The Real Estate Sector In India, Right From Property Search To Construction And Signing Of Contracts. Leveraging Of These Technologies, Is Likely To Reshape The Future Of The Real Estate Industry In 2019. For A Buyer, The Changes Are Welcoming But For Property Developers And Consultants, These Changes Could Prove Disruptive And Challenging. “The Needs Of Millennial Home Owners, Are Likely To Revolve Around Intelligent Buildings With Advanced Technology. Thus, Buildings With Modern Designs Are Likely To Command A Premium In The Cost-Conscious Indian Property Market. For Developers, The Early Adoption And Investment In Technologies, Will Prove To Be The Best Defence Against Disruptions,” States Surabhi Arora, Senior Associate Director – Research, Colliers Internation…

Five Things You Must Do While Buying a House

Buying A Home Is Perhaps One Of The Most Crucial Decisions Of One's Lifetime. Each One Of Us Wants To Ensure That No Stone Is Left Unturned When It Comes To Selecting The Best Property Or The Best Deal While Selecting The Dream Home For Our Loved Ones.

However, The Home Buying Process Has Many Aspects, And Overlooking Even One Might Not Prove To Be A Wise Choice In The Long Run. Find Below A Few Guidelines That Every Prospective Home Buyer Must Follow Before Finalizing The Deal:
Credit :Unsplash.Com Tip 1: Always Make A Future Plan
What You Must Do: Assess Your NeedsThe Story Last Month: Renuka And Ajay, An Recently Married Couple, Decided To Buy A Home In Mumbai. But Due To Lack Of Time And Knowledge They Hit A Roadblock. They Were Searching For The Right Property. Each Weekend They Meticulously Followed Upcoming Project Advertisements. But The More They Saw, The More They Got Confused.

Finally, They Decided To Ask Mitesh Shah, A Friend And A Professional Real Estate Consultant Abou…

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Sometimes, The Smallest Things Can Turn Your Fortunes Around. Vastu Shastra Shows You How Tweaking Your Bedroom Can Enhance Positive Energy And Even Bring Couples Closer To Each Other Sunaina Mehta, A Homemaker From Mumbai, Had Been Quarreling With Her Husband A Lot. These Were Trivial Issues But They Sometimes Ballooned Into Heated Arguments. Then Sunaina Did Something Unusual – She Rearranged Their Bedroom And Tossed Out A Stack Of Broken CDs And A DVD Player She Had Stored In The Bed Box. Mehta Shares How Marital Bliss Soon Returned To Their Home. Sunaina’s House Cleaning Was No Random Act. She Had Followed The Laws Of Vastu Shastra While Rearranging Their Bedroom. “I Even Got Rid Of An Oil Painting Of A Weeping Woman On The Wall,” She Says. “Vastu Shatra Is The Indian Cosmic Science Of Architecture And It Helps Create A Harmonious Environment To Set Up One’s Life For Wealth, Happiness And Harmony. It’s All About Creating A Rhythm And Balance To Ensure A Better Life,” Reveals Mumbai-…

What is Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area?

Let’s Admit It - The Terms And Jargon Thrown At Us By Agents And Realtors Have Us Staring At Them Cluelessly Most Of The Time. While Buying A House, Terms Such As Carpet Area, Built-Up Area And Super Built-Up Area Moslty Evade Our Realm Of Understanding, Or At Least Cause Some Confusion. In Every Residential Complex, There Are These Three Ways Of Calculating The Area, Or The Square Footage. They May Not All Sound Very Different, But There Is In Fact A BIG Difference Between Carpet Area And Built-Up Area!
Not Knowing What Each Actually Means Is What Could Give Developers A Chance To Take You For A Ride. However, It Is Not Rocket Science. Just A Little Reading And You Will Be Pretty Thorough With The Terms. Here Are Some Of The Basics Of Real Estate You Should Know.

Credit : Freepik.Com
Carpet Area
Carpet Area Is The Area That Can Actually Be Covered By A Carpet, Or The Area Of The Apartment Excluding The Thickness Of Inner Walls. Carpet Area Does Not Include The Space Covered By Common Ar…

When old is gold: Add a vintage touch to your home décor

When It Comes To Home Décor, A Vintage Look Is Always In Style. We Look At Some Simple Ways, In Which Home Owners Can Recreate An Old-World Charm In Modern Homes
Credit : Pixabay.Com
A ‘Vintage Décor’ Can Be Defined As An Interior Design Theme That Incorporates Elements Of The Past And In Particular, The Best Elements Of A Particular Time. Prachi Chavarkar, Co-Founder Of ArchiLab Designs, Explains That A Vintage Design Can Be Associated With A Region (For Example, Rajasthan, Maharashtra Or Kerala) Or Even Architecture Belonging To A Particular Era, Like Indo-Saracenic (Or Indo-Gothic Or Mughal-Gothic). “In Terms Of A Global Look, It Can Also Be British, French Or Colonial Design. Some May Also Call A Local Historical Look As Ethnic But It Is A Part Of Vintage Décor,” Adds Chavarkar. Elements Of Vintage Décor Home Owners Can Remodel Their Homes Based On A Vintage Theme, By Either Recreating The Style Or Bringing In Old Décor Elements, Such As Distressed Furniture, A Grandfather Clock, C…

The home buyers’ guide to choosing the right amenities

Should You Buy A House With A Swimming Pool, A Gym, Or A Park? We Tell You How To Evaluate The Necessary Amenities, From The Avoidable Ones 

Amenities Are An Important Part Of Any Real Estate Project, Which Builders Use To Woo Home Buyers. While Some Amenities Are Essential, Like A Security System, Elevators, Etc., Property Sellers May, At Times, Also Highlight Amenities To Hide Flaws In The Project Flaws Or To Propel The Sales Momentum.

Each Buyer’s Need Is Unique, Points Out Vinod Rohira, Managing Director – Commercial Real Estate And REIT, K Raheja Corp. “Buyers Should First Evaluate Their Needs And Compare It Against The Services Available In The Micro-Market And Then Look At The Amenities Provided In The Project. This Is The Best Way To Choose A Product,” Suggests Rohira.

Credit : Freepik.Com

Amenities And Its Influence On Home Buyers
Experts Believe That It Would Be Wrong To Say That Amenities Do Not Influence A Buyer’s Decision. However, If A Project Has An Indoor/Outdoor Swimmin…