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The home buyers’ guide to choosing the right amenities

Should You Buy A House With A Swimming Pool, A Gym, Or A Park? We Tell You How To Evaluate The Necessary Amenities, From The Avoidable Ones 

Amenities Are An Important Part Of Any Real Estate Project, Which Builders Use To Woo Home Buyers. While Some Amenities Are Essential, Like A Security System, Elevators, Etc., Property Sellers May, At Times, Also Highlight Amenities To Hide Flaws In The Project Flaws Or To Propel The Sales Momentum.

Each Buyer’s Need Is Unique, Points Out Vinod Rohira, Managing Director – Commercial Real Estate And REIT, K Raheja Corp. “Buyers Should First Evaluate Their Needs And Compare It Against The Services Available In The Micro-Market And Then Look At The Amenities Provided In The Project. This Is The Best Way To Choose A Product,” Suggests Rohira.

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Amenities And Its Influence On Home Buyers
Experts Believe That It Would Be Wrong To Say That Amenities Do Not Influence A Buyer’s Decision. However, If A Project Has An Indoor/Outdoor Swimmin…

Why stamp duty rates are important for income tax purposes…

Any Difference Between The Agreement Value And The Ready Reckoner Value Of A Property, Has Implications, Not Only On The Stamp Duty Payable But Also On The Income Tax Of The Buyer And Seller

When You Enter Into An Agreement To Buy A Property, You Have To Pay Stamp Duty To The Government. The Amount Of Stamp Duty Is Generally Based On The Value Of The Property Mentioned In The Agreement.

To Avoid Evasion Of Stamp Duty Through Undervaluation Of Agreements And To Minimise The Disputes On Quantum Of Stamp Duty, All State Governments Publish An Area-Wise, Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner On A Yearly Basis. If The Value Of The Property Based On The Ready Reckoner Is Higher, Than The Value Of The Property Stated In The Agreement, Then, You Will Have To Pay The Stamp Duty On The Basis Of The Value Computed From The Rates In The Ready Reckoner. However, If The Agreement Value Is Higher Than The Ready Reckoner Valuation, The Stamp Duty Payable Will Be Calculated With Reference To The Agreement Value. T…