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15 DIY Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

When You Look At All The Gloomy Changes That The Environment Is Going Through Thanks To Our Daily Habits, You Can’t Help But Feel Guilty. If You’re Wondering If There’s A Way To Reduce This Even While Not Going Too Out Of Your Way, Then Yes! Of Course We Can, As Individuals, Do Our Bit To Help Out The Lonely Planet. And You Don’t Even Have To Become A Completely Different Person In Order To Go Environment-Friendly.
Follow These 15 Simple Tips To Become A Greener Person At Home!

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1) Introduce Greenery In And Around Your House?
It Is A Great Idea To Plant Some Trees And Shrubs Around Your House And Even Home Plants For The Indoors, If You Can Spare The Space. If You Live In An Apartment, You Could Think About Maintaining A Balcony Garden. Did You Know That It Is Possible To Grow Your Own Fruits And Vegetables Even In A Balcony Garden? Introduce Some Shade-Friendly Plants, Like Orchids And Money Plants, Inside Your House.
The Indoor Plants For Home Greenery Outdoors Wi…

Benefits of Taking A Joint Home Loan

Choose A Piece Of Artwork That You Love
A Home Is A ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ Investment For Many Of Us. It Is Natural That We Want To Make It As Big And Better As Practically Possible. Affordability Is What Determines The Size, Location And Quality Of Our Home. No Doubt, Having The Possibility Of Availing A Home Loan Has Improved Affordability. However, Your Home Loan Eligibility Depends On Your Age, Income Levels, Other Loans That You Are Still Repaying, Etc. Lenders Have Prudent Norms Which Stipulate That Your Home Loan EMI Combined With All The Other EMIs That You May Be Presently Repaying, Cannot Exceed A Certain Level Of Your Take-Home Pay.
One Way To Increase Your Home Loan Eligibility Is To Add Co-Applicants With Independent Income Source. The Lender Will Consider Their Income While Assessing Your Repayment Capacity, Which In Turn, Will Increase The Amount Of Home Loan You Are Eligible For.

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