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Style-Friendly Ways To Improve Your Home’s Acoustics

We Look At Some Quick Ways, To Improve The Acoustic Quality Of Your Home, Without Compromising On Style Or Spending A Fortune

Studies Have Indicated That Noise Is One Of The Main Factors Of Disturbance, In Interior Spaces. While Office Interiors Are Continuously Evolving, To Incorporate Aspects Of Flexibility, Comfort And Aesthetics, In The Home Segment, Comfort And Design Are The Main Aspects Of Contemporary Urban Living. Homes Are No Longer Built In The Traditional Ways, With Greater Emphasis Now, On Aesthetics And Designs That Offer A Functional Purpose. The Rapid Expansion Of Cities And The Advent Of Smart Homes, Are Pushing More Urban Denizens Towards Consciously Planning Their Home Design And Interiors.

Acoustics Often Remains A Neglected Aspect Of Interior Design And Architecture. Although We May Not Think Of The Sound And Acoustics Of Our Home, It Remains An Integral Aspect Towards Greater Comfort And A Better Ambience. When It Comes To Acoustics, A Home Owner Can Look At A Ho…

Mumbai 1st among mega cities, does well on mixed land use, open spaces

MUMBAI: The National Ease Of Living Exercise By The Union Home And Urban Affairs Ministry Is Aimed At Helping Cities Assess Their Liveability Vis-À-Vis Global And National Benchmarks And Encourage Cities To Move Towards An Outcome-Based Approach To Urban Planning And Management.

Mumbai Scored Well On Identity And Culture (Rank 2), Public Open Spaces And Mixed Land Use (1), Assured Water Supply (3) And Transportation And Mobility (8). Surprisingly, The Financial Capital Ranked 63 In Economy And Employment, 54 In Reduced Pollution, 23 In Governance And 36 In Education.

The Rankings Are Based On The Overall Scores Each City Got On A 100-Point Scale Across 15 Categories And 78 Indicators (See Box). The Data Was Made Up Of What The Cities Furnished, A Third-Party Survey And Feedback From Around 60,000 Citizens “While We Are Glad Mumbai Has Ranked Third, We Will Look At Areas Where The City Requires Improvement As Well. Once We Have Evaluated It, We Will Start Filling In The Gaps To Improve…

Vastu and Décor Tips For Name Plates

Besides Identifying A House, A Name Plate Can Also Be Used To Enhance The Décor Of A House And Create A Good First Impression. We Look At The Basic Dos And Don’ts For Putting Up A Name Plate On Your House 

A Name Plate Or Door Plate, Serves The Functional Purpose Of Identifying A House. However, A Name Plate Can Also Serve As A Décor Element, Which Reflects The Home Owner’s Style Sensibilities. “Nowadays, Nameplates Come In Various Styles, Such As Modern, Abstract, Concept-Based, As Well As Name Plates Inspired By One’s Religion And Can Be Custom Made In Any Indian Language. They Can Be Hung Or Affixed On The Doors, Or At The Entrance Of The House Or Society,” Says Abhishek Goyal, Founder, Panchatatva.

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Materials For Making Name Plates

The Most Commonly Used And Budget-Friendly Name Plates For Apartments, Are Made Of Acrylic Or Fibre. Simple Signage For Bigger And Independent Houses And Buildings Are Generally Made Of Glass And Steel. Handmade Signboards Have A Raw A…

Home loan and tax benefits if you own multiple homes

Although A Person Can Avail Of Multiple Home Loans, The Tax Benefits On The Interest Paid On The Loan For A Second House, Are Different From That Available For The First House

People Are Generally Under The Impression That One Can Own Any Number Of Properties But One Cannot Take More Than One Home Loan At A Time. This Is Not True. As There Is No Restriction On The Number Of Properties You Can Own, There Is Also No Restriction On The Number Of Houses For Which You Can Take Home Loans And Claim Tax Benefits. The Amount Of Home Loan That You Can Take, For All The Properties Taken Together, Shall Depend On Your Earning And Your Ability To Service The Loan.

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Tax Benefit On Interest Payment
You Can Claim Deduction For Interest Payable On A Loan, Taken For Purchase, Construction, Repair, Or Renovation Of Any Property Under Section 24b. In Case You Own Only One Residential House Property Which Is Occupied By You, The Maximum Deduction That Can Be Claimed On Interest Repaymen…