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Investing in Real Estate in Mumbai? Here’s Why You Should Consider Thane

March 2019
Courtesy of a number of commercial and residential infrastructure projects, Thane has become a top realty spot in Mumbai. The City of Lakes offers you the opportunity to side-step the congestion and traffic faced by Mumbai residents and has excellent amenities, educational and healthcare services, employment avenues, and connectivity on offer.

Property appreciation trends, the presence of well-known builders, and benefits to middle-class buyers through the Interim Budget 2019 are some of the reasons why you should consider Thane when you are looking to buy a property in Mumbai.

Take a look at each of these factors more closely for a better understanding.

Property appreciation and price trends
Thane has witnessed rapid infrastructural development in the recent past. The advantage of buying a property in this developing area is that you get lower rates and can see the value of your property appreciating quickly.

If you’re looking at b…

Taking a joint home loan? Know these facts to maximize benefits

7 Mar 2019
With The Number Of Double Income Households Rising Over The Past Years, More Couples Prefer Opting For Joint Home Loans To Realize Their Dream Of Owning A House. The Benefit Of Separate Tax Break And An Enhanced Home Loan Eligibility Primarily Drives This Decision. However, Before You Jointly Apply For A Home Loan, Make Sure You Take Into Consideration

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The Following Points For 
Maximising Benefits:
1. Eligibility Criteria For Co-Borrower:
Co-Borrower Must Be The Owner/ Co-Owner Of The Concerned Property, Even If He/ She Doesn't Have Any Source Of Income. Also, Remember That While Evaluating Your Joint Home Loan Application, The Primary As Well As Co-Applicant's Credit Score, Income, Age,Debt To Income Ratio Etc. Are Taken Into Consideration And The Loan Is Approved Only When Borrowers Are Considered Satisfactory On All Parameters.
2. Pre-Requisites Before Claiming Tax Deductions On Joint Home Loan:
# Co Borrower Should Also Be Co-Owner Of House P…