Investing in Real Estate in Mumbai? Here’s Why You Should Consider Thane

March 2019

Courtesy of a number of commercial and residential infrastructure projects, Thane has become a top realty spot in Mumbai. The City of Lakes offers you the opportunity to side-step the congestion and traffic faced by Mumbai residents and has excellent amenities, educational and healthcare services, employment avenues, and connectivity on offer.

Property appreciation trends, the presence of well-known builders, and benefits to middle-class buyers through the Interim Budget 2019 are some of the reasons why you should consider Thane when you are looking to buy a property in Mumbai.

Buying a 1 BHK in Ghodbunder Road Thane

Take a look at each of these factors more closely for a better understanding.

Property appreciation and price trends

Thane has witnessed rapid infrastructural development in the recent past. The advantage of buying a property in this developing area is that you get lower rates and can see the value of your property appreciating quickly.

If you’re looking at buying property as an investment, generous appreciation will mean higher returns in a shorter span of time.

Presence of reputed real estate developers

Buying a property from a real estate developer with a proven track record ensures that quality of building materials used is high, there is proper maintenance of common spaces, world-class amenities are available, and an enhanced life experience on the whole.

Owning a property at such a project can also go a long way in securing good rental income should you want to let it out. Fortunately, reputed real estate developers have set up shop here, which means you have plenty of credible options to choose from.

Growing locations like Ghodbunder Road

Another reason why Thane is a top real estate locality in Mumbai is that you can choose from a wide range of sub-localities. So, while areas like Thane West can be expensive, locations like Ghodbunder Road will help you buy a property in Mumbai at a cheaper price.

What’s more, according to recent data, price trends for apartments at Ghodbunder Road are moving upwards at a 33% rate, 13% higher than the average price in Thane West.

Benefits of Interim Budget 2019

Investing in property in Thane now is ideal because of the newly-announced tax exemptions for homebuyers. The Interim Budget presented by the ruling party has made way for nil notional rent tax on a secondary self-occupied tax, TDS threshold increase to Rs.2.4 lakh, and capital gains rollover of up to Rs.2 crore. Additionally, taxable incomes up to Rs.5 lakh enjoy greater rebates by way of Section 87A.

Now that you know why Thane is a great location to invest when it comes to prime real estate in Mumbai, get all the help you require by availing a home loan by leading Home Loan service providers.

With a loan amount of up to Rs.3.5 crore, you won’t have to compromise on the property or apartment of your choice. You get affordable interest rates and should you be a first-time home-buyer, you can get tax benefits up to Rs.2.67 lakh under PMAY’s CLSS.
So why hesitate? Seize the moment by making a smart real estate investment in Thane now!

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