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Pick Projects with Comfort Zone

Layouts And Facilities Are Increasingly Being Conceptualised To Facilitate The Female Head Of The House, Says Vijay Pandya YOUR CHECKLIST Ensure The Following Elements While Looking For A New Home: There Was A Stage When Residential Projects Were Designed To Appeal To The Male Head Of The House, Since He Used To Make Home Purchase Decisions. However, With The Two Income Nuclear Family Concept Gaining Ground Over The Past Few Decades, Homes Are Be. Ing Designed In A Much More 'Mother Friendly Manner. From Open Plan Kitchens That Allow Her To Chat And Interact With Family While Cooking Or Serving Food To The Niche Created For Appliances Like Washing Machines For Clothes And Vessels, Easily Accessible Drain-Age Outlets And Drying Balconies, Residential Projects Are Increasingly Being Conceptualised To Facilitate The Female Head Of The House. The Interior Layouts That Enhance Family Interaction And Provide A Feeling Of Being Together While Also Providing Privacy On The Eve Of Blother&…

Consider These Parameters Before Buying

Gone Are The Days When You Would Buy A Home In The Twilight Years To Retire In. Times Have Certainly Progressed And Now We See An Increasing Number Of Younger Professionals, At The Peak Of Their Careers Swaying Towards Real Estate As A Viable Asset Purchase. However, Majority Of Them Are End Users (Or Aim To Be) In The Long Run. Metrocities Like Mumbai And Delhi Where House Rents Have Grown At An Exorbitant Pace Are Seen To Be Leading This Trend. Whether The Intention Of Investment In A Real-Estate Property Is Motivated By Own Consumption Or As An Investment Purpose Purely But In The End. Both Inves-Tors And End Users Will Purchase The Property And Hence, Its Pertinent To Consider Some Key Parameters Before Making That Final Call. Different Motivations Will Imply One Is Looking At The Same Parameter Differently Accounting For The Macro Perspective.
Value Or Cost?
Having A Bird's Eye View Of The Return On Investment Maximizing The Output At Minimal Capital Cost Is A Business Imperat…