Consider These Parameters Before Buying

Gone Are The Days When You Would Buy A Home In The Twilight Years To Retire In. Times Have Certainly Progressed And Now We See An Increasing Number Of Younger Professionals, At The Peak Of Their Careers Swaying Towards Real Estate As A Viable Asset Purchase. However, Majority Of Them Are End Users (Or Aim To Be) In The Long Run.
Metrocities Like Mumbai And Delhi Where House Rents Have Grown At An Exorbitant Pace Are Seen To Be Leading This Trend. Whether The Intention Of Investment In A Real-Estate Property Is Motivated By Own Consumption Or As An Investment Purpose Purely But In The End. Both Inves-Tors And End Users Will Purchase The Property And Hence, Its Pertinent To Consider Some Key Parameters Before Making That Final Call. Different Motivations Will Imply One Is Looking At The Same Parameter Differently Accounting For The Macro Perspective.

Value Or Cost?

Having A Bird's Eye View Of The Return On Investment Maximizing The Output At Minimal Capital Cost Is A Business Imperative For Each Investor As The Investment Is A Value Proposition For Them. The Minimal Investment Is Usually Comparatively Larger In Scale And Size And Is Also Measured Differently Due To The Return Value Aspect. End Users Do Not Tend To Look For An Absolute Financial Value
As It Is A Matter Of Consumption For Them And Not Income. Hence, The Parameters Tend To Differ Significantly Cost Is The Predominant Factor For Them, Guided By Their Budget. As There Is No Return Value Element To Balance The Cost, Their Budgets Are Limited And Inflexible. They Can Only Account For Possible Income Growth When Estimating A Long Term Budget.

Evaluate The Risks

This, However, Has Its Own Set Of Risks To Evaluate. As A Result. They Are Looking For The Lowest Cost Price Possible While Maximizing Use Of Their Entire Budget. The Value Achieved Is Nonmonetary In Nature And Its Valuation Against Any Price Point Will Vary From Person To Person. For Investors, Budgeting Is Much More Flexible. They Can Make Room For Much More Risk And Just Have To Ensure They Have Enough Capital To Stay Afloat In Times Of Crisis That A Delay Or Stalling Of The Project May Inflict. Additionally With REITs Coming Into Play They Can Now Diversify Their Investment Capabil It Ies Across Various Projects, Minimizing Risk End Increasing Returns. But Only In Commercial Offerering.

Assess Your Budget

Even With The Easy Availability Of Home Loans Endusers Have To Take Caution And First Assess Their Budget. This Will Also Take Into Account The Risk That Will Come With Taking A Loan Or Buying A Property.
Changes In Interest Rates Will Affect Their Ability To Repay The Loan And Until The Loan Is Repaid The Purchased Property Will Remain A Liability As Opposed To A High Potential Asset.
It Is Imperative That Buyers Assess Their Budgets First And Then Find The Right Property That Fits Within It In Terms Of Price And Deliverables (Amenities, Life-Style, Etc.).

Consider Credentials

Apart From These Factors, Every Home Buyer Will Have To Look At His Budget, Price And Assess Every Prospective Builder's Credentials By Evaluating Their Past Performance To Ensure Transparency And Good Returns. Lastly, Remember, Innumerable Home Buyers Are Reaping The Benefits Of In-Vesting In Real Estate Irrespective Of The Geographies, Size Of The Apartment Etc. Every Day. Across The Country And This N. Wave Will Only Fto Continue To Grow Stronger.

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