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Co-borrowers: The fastest way to enhance loan eligibility

February 2019 Only A Few People Are Eligible To Become Co-Borrowers To A Home Loan And Claim The Tax Benefits On Such A Loan, Provided Other Conditions Are Also Fulfilled

With The Prices Of Houses Rising Significantly Faster Than Salaries, It Has Become Increasingly Difficult For Individuals To Buy A House On Their Own. Consequently, Most People Now Opt For Home Loans. To Enhance The Loan Eligibility, Once Can Opt For A Loan With The Longest Available Tenure Or, Additionally, Get Someone To Join You As A Co-Borrower.

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Persons Who Are Generally Accepted As Co-Borrowers
When It Comes To Adding A Co-Borrower To A Home Loan, Lenders Give First Preference To The Borrower’s Spouse. It Is Presumed That The Income Of Both Individuals Will Be Pooled For The Purpose Of Household Expenses, Including For Paying The Home Loan EMIs. The Second Category Includes Sons, Daughters And Parents. This Is Also Considered As A Relatively Strong Relationship, From A Financial Point Of View…

Most important clauses for any rental agreement

Rental Or Lease Agreements, Should Be Framed With The Aim Of Creating A Mutually Beneficial Relationship And Avoiding Disputes Between The Tenant And The Landlord. We Look At The Important Clauses That Such Agreements Should Cover

Vasu Srivastava, An Aspiring Law Student From East Uttar Pradesh, Who Recently Shifted To Delhi For Her Higher Studies, Moved Into A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Dwarka, With Her College Friend. However, After Two Months Of Their Stay, They Started Noticing Problems With The Plumbing And Electrical Wiring In The Apartment.

When Srivastava Raised The Issues With Her Landlord, The Landlord Simply Denied Any Help And Asked Her To Pay For The Plumbing And Wiring Repairs, From Her Own Pocket. Srivastava Had Failed To Read The Fine Print In The Agreement Which Had A Clause That Was Slightly Tweaked To Favour The Landlord.

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Important Clauses For Any Rental Agreement Dos And Don’ts While Drafting A Rental Agreement The Rent Agreement, A Document That …

Big Opportunity For NRIs To Make Money By Investing In The Indian Realty Market

We Examine The Depreciation Of The Indian Rupee Against The US Dollar And The Present Interest Rate Cycle, To Ascertain Whether This Is A Good Time For NRIs To Put Their Money In Indian Real Estate

The Significant Fall In The Value Of The Indian Rupee In The Last Six Months, May Be A Cause For Considerable Concern, Especially For The Realty Sector In India. A Weak Rupee Against The US Dollar, Makes It Difficult For Developers In The Sector To Import Essential Construction Machinery And Increases Other Input Costs. Moreover, At Its Last Monetary Policy Meet, On October 5, 2018, The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Had Refrained From Hiking Key Rates But Indicated That It May Have To Take A Tough Stance Soon. So, Interest Rates Are Expected To Remain In The Upward Trajectory. However, Amidst The Negative Sentiments In The Realty Sector, Opportunities Are Cropping For Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Investors.

“A Depreciating Rupee Creates An Ideal Environment To Invest In Indian Real Estate, As T…