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1 Bhk Flat Vs 2 Bhk Flat ? Which One to Choose.

1 BHK Flat Vs 2 BHK Flat ? Which One To Choose According To Your Family Size

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The Real Question
As The Urban Lifestyle And Pace Is Evolving Rapidly, Our Choices And The Approach

Towards Everyday Life Is Taking The Needful Curve. Though A Family Is Seen As One Unit, If Dissected, It’s A Fusion Of Individuals Of Different Age Groups Living Together. Individuals Who Need Their Space, Their Time But That Too By Staying Together In A Harmonious Space. Today’s Nuclear Family Is A Live Example Of Improved Functionality That Keeps Up With The Evolving Pace Of Life. The Question Of Choosing A 1 BHK Or 2 BHK Flat In Thane Can Leave Many Profusely Puzzled. So, Here’s An Overview For You To Decide.

1 BHK : A Beginning
1 BHK Flats Are Perfectly Sized For A Newly Married Couple. It Is Ideal For The Beginners As They Are Priced Low And Don’t Make You Stretch Your Budgets Profusely. If You Are Looking For An Investment, 1 BHK Is A Perfect Option For You Too. However, A Family Shou…

Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

How Can Home Owners Ensure That Their Homes Are Ready For The Rains And Ensure That It Does Not Cause Any Harm To The Safety And Beauty Of The Home? We Offer Some Suggestions

While The Arrival Of The Monsoon Season May Bring Relief To Many, After The Sweltering Heat Of Summer, It Is Also The Time To Prepare And Protect The Home. Leakages Not Only Damage The Look Of The Home But Can Also Spoil The Interiors, Including Furniture And Furnishing. Home Owners, Hence, Should Check For The Smallest Signs Of Damage And Take Prompt Action, To Ensure That The Problem Does Not Become Uncontrollable.

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Water-Proof Your Home
Water-Proofing Protects The Structure From Extreme Rainfall And Also Saves On Repair Cost And Hassle, In Terms Of Breakage And Weakening Of The The Structure.

Water Seepage And Dampness Can Also Pose Serious Health Hazards, As Dampness And Cracks Lead To The Growth Of Fungus, Moulds And Algae. Dampness Can Cause Home Owners To Develop Allergic Reactions, Ast…